Remote syslogging with OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09

For Kamikaze 8.09 (RC1) the documentation on remote syslogging is a bit inaccurate or outdated – but this ticket pointed me in the right direction. Add the following to /etc/config/system:


Reboot your unit and watch the logs roll in. Verify by checking what syslog is up to:

root@OpenWRT:~# ps -ef | grep syslog
87 root 1928 S syslogd -C16 -L -R

Now, that said, I also found how to set the name servers (for /etc/resolv.conf) the correct way – adding an option entry under a suitable interface definition in /etc/config/network. Note that for several DNS servers the IPs should be space separated, like this:

option ‘dns’ ‘’

This creates an /etc/resolv.conf looking like this one: