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A series of unfortunate events

A customer of my employer Redpill Linpro was recently the target of a DDoS attack. While investigating the attack, we found a large number of HTTP requests with the User-Agent named CITRIXRECEIVER. The clients performed GET requests to multiple URLs on the customer’s web site at the rate of several thousand packets per second. The […]

X-Forwarded-For DDoS

A discussion forum of one of Redpill Linpro‘s customers has been under attack lately, through a number of DoS and DDoS variants. Today’s attack strain was of the rather interesting kind, as one of its very distinctive identifiers was a suspicious, not to say ridiculous, amount of IP addresses in the incoming X-Forwarded-For HTTP header. […]

Avoid hotlinking with Varnish

There’s a quite a few articles on how to configure Apache to avoid hotlinking, so that material on your web server isn’t used on remote sites (at least not without your knowing). This is how to do the same with Varnish. The example suggests that you forbid hotlinking to anything under The code will […]